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  • Ideate, Innovate & Relate
  • Conceptualisation
  • Market Analysis


  • Concept review & Analysis 
  • Resource building & Prototyping 
  • Range planning & Development 
  • Technical file creation


  • Sourcing, Manufacturing & Merchandising 
  • Quality control & Testing


  • Logistics & Documentation
  • Photoshoot support



At SRI OCEAN BLUE INTERNATIONAL  BUYING OFFICE , we specialise in creating custom garments for our clients. We provide all of the relevant services to help you make your garments from start to finish. We help our clients at any stage, providing a quick and efficient service, as we develop all of the garment styles in-house, as we feel its best when everything is developed under one place and it keeps the communication much more synchronised and organised.  Allowing us to provide a streamlined service for our clients. We can help new start up brands and established brands from the development stage through to production.

We can produce the following but not limited to:







A small, passionate and highly experienced team headed by Rakkimuthu operate and deliver all the magic. We are are product enthusiasts looking to nurture and support fellow enthusiasts to create and build impactful brands



To get you an accurate quote, we need your designs sent over to us via email. These can take the form of reference images, pieces of clothing from your own wardrobe, sketches, technical drawings, and tech packs. If you are unsure what will be the most beneficial to send, get in touch with us and we’ll gladly offer our help. Please make sure to include any additional notes with your designs, as it will make it easier for us to comprehend your desired outcome. The more detail you provide us, the better the result will be!


Once we have received your designs, we will assess them and compile a quotation for you. For efficiency, please let us know how many units you want for each style, the fabric you are considering, and the finishing you would like (e.g., coverstitch, bagged out, binding, etc.). Please bear in mind that this quote will only be valid for one month. We will then forward the quote to you via email.


Once you have looked at the quotation and are pleased with the prices, we’ll set up a consultation to bring your designs to life. During this meeting, we’ll go over your design concept in depth to make sure we understand it completely. You’ll be able to look at the fabrics we have on offer and pick which ones you’d like to use, view examples of our previous work, and ask us any queries you may have. This is the time to bring up any questions you have, and we can talk you through the next steps in detail.


The first step is making patterns from scratch. We use references, images, tech packs, and physical samples to construct your designs. If you want an exact replica of an existing sample, we can organise that during our consultation. All the services we provide are catered to our customers. Now, it takes us two to three weeks to finish our patternmaking due to the high volume of orders we receive.


For brand-new designs, a toile is necessary. It is very important to do a toile as a garment’s fit is rarely perfect on the first try, no matter how experienced our pattern cutters are. But if you provide us with measurements and physical samples, it will streamline the process considerably. Please note that we do not make any adjustments to toiles. If you want another set of toiles, you will need to pay for them. The toile takes one to two weeks.


When we make a toile, we will require a garment fitting session. During this session, you or a model of your choice will wear the toile and let us know of any necessary changes to the pattern. The first round of adjustments to the pattern will be free of charge. If more amendments are necessary, you will have to pay for them.


Once the fabrics and trimmings have been picked out, we will create samples that look the same as the actual production garments. This is your opportunity to see the product. Sampling generally requires one to three weeks, depending on how much work we have and the complexity of the designs.


After you have decided on the design and material of each style, we can then start to grade the patterns using our precise grade rules. If you have a specific grade rule in mind, feel free to let us know. If you don’t know which grade rule would be the best fit for your brand and clothing, we can recommend the right one for you. Normally, we grade according to grade rules, but if you have a specific size chart, we can grade the patterns accordingly. Grading should take one to two weeks.


As we go through the patterns, we will place your bulk fabric orders simultaneously. Bear in mind that supplier delivery times can vary and may be impacted by the demand for their fabrics. Thus, the timeline for fabric arrival will depend on the supplier’s circumstances.


Once the grading is complete and we have the fabrics and trimmings ready, we can start the bulk production. As we can get quite busy, it is important to book a production slot in advance to avoid being declined. We cannot start production until all the trimmings and fabric have arrived as the process will be thrown off schedule if they arrive late. Bulk production is the exciting stage when your designs are created in mass quantities. Generally, your garments will be ready in four to six weeks, although a large order may take up to eight to twelve weeks, depending on the intricacy of the designs and our workload.